The truth about wellness.

  • Low energy is not normal.
  • Feeling stressed all the time is not healthy. And it's not normal.
  • Feeling calm & happy can (and should) be a normal daily activity.
  • You can support your wellness naturally.
  • There are ways to eliminate pain naturally.

Stop putting off a better you.

How many years have you been planning to take control of your health and wellness?

One year? Two years? For many people, they just don't know where to start.


Start Today.

Pick one area - use it for 30 days. Then try another. Most of you can easily find 12 categories below to start with. So - dive in. Take control today & start living your best life!

When you place your first order, you will receive access to our private Facebook group. In that group, you will find guides that will walk you through how to use each and every one of these products to maximize your benefits. Not on Facebook? Don't worry - you can opt into text message or e-mail notifications for the guides.

Pain relief doesn't just come from a prescription pad. You can use natural products & find a way to live with less daily pain.

Natural Pain Relief

If you're not sleeping well, you're not living your best life. Nobody can function well without a good night's sleep.

Gut health is the new window into wellness. Scientists are discovering connections between gut health and almost every area of wellness.

Most wellness companies lack a product line that is safe & created for kids. So, I know all you moms & dads will appreciate this starting point.

Switching to natural cleaners & household products is a great start in anyone's wellness journey. These products are natural & effective.

Chest rubs and rollers, along with diffusing, can help your airways feel open and strong. Not only for daily wellness, but also alongside exercise.

Tired of dragging yourself to bed at the end of a long day? Feeling gassed with nothing left to give? We have two supplements that help increase energy levels!

Life is hard. As much as I wish I had a magic way to make life easier, I don't. But we do have products that help to re-focus energy levels and feelings so that we can enjoy the positives.

“I have lived with back pain for over 15 years. After a surgery and numerous trips to my doctor and chiropractors, I was tired of being told that I just had to live with the pain. My only option in modern medicine was to take drugs that can cause organ damage and can be addictive. No thank you. I searched for products that would help eliminate my pain for years. I finally have a routine that leaves me pain-free most days. For me - that is priceless. And these products are a huge part of that!”

Erica L. | drop of faith

From a customer who took our energy challenge:

During the last month I started to take NingXia Red every day three times a day for the entire month. This challenge to me was more than just taking a drink so that I can say I did it. To me, I was on a mission to lose 30 pounds. I started working out a few weeks before it started but had little to no gain on that goal. Once I started taking NingXia, I noticed that I started to feel more energized and less hungry, even after working out. It was a remarkable experience for myself to feel this way, considering that I had not worked out for about 10 years. Long story short - I completed the month and lost about 30 pounds. Thank you for helping me to achieve what I thought was impossible. Cheers! ~ Mark K.

From a customer who struggled with digestive upset:

I have struggled to feel regular and healthy with digestion my whole life. I've tried a lot of probiotic supplements, and some helped a little. When I tried Life 9, I was amazed. I hardly ever struggle with irregularity, stomach upset, stomach cramping, or irritation from spicy foods. I still try to eat very healthy, but a greasy meal every now and again doesn't leave me rolling in bed all night long. Then I added digestive enzymes to my daily routine and found even more benefits. I have less gas and bloating, and I feel lighter and so much more energetic and well each day. I am so grateful to have found a way to support my body proactively. ~ Lisa W.

A word from the founder...

Helping to empower others to find products, oils and solutions to support their bodies naturally is my passion. Our wellness community is about empowering you to make choices that support your body naturally.

Erica L. | drop of faith